Hotel Lido - Timisoara, Timis, 300736, Romania



Andreas Antik

Address: Piata Unirii 2

Tel: (256) 131.746

Antic Davi

Address: Str. Miron Costin 4

Ars Mundi

Address: Str. Vasile Alecsandri 10

Tel: (256) 136.003


Address: Str. Gheorghe Lazar 3

Tel: (256) 133.103



Folk crafts, such as embroidered clothing and linen, painted or beaded eggs, carpets, pottery, woodcarvings and icons, make interesting gifts and souvenirs. Romanian peasants do magnificent embroidery on cotton, wool and leather. Look for blouses, skirts, exotic coats, rugs, tablecloths and lacework. Icons, new and old, painted on glass or wood are outstanding.

Hermes Tim

Address: Piata Victoriei 4

Galeriile de Arta Populara

Address: Piata Victoriei


Address: Piata Iancu de Hunedoara 3

Hotel Lido
Boulevard Iosif Bulbuca Nr. 20
Timisoara, Timis, 300736, Romania
Call: +40 (256) 407373
+40 (256) 407374


Your home in TIMISOARA

The Lido Hotel offers modern and comfortable accommodation in the nearby centre of Timisoara (15 min walk). The hotel is focused on the needs of business clients and is the best technologically equipped hotel in Timisoara. And despite its location in the nearby centre of Timisoara, the hotel provides its guests free parking (locked and monitored via a camera system). The interior of the hotel, the rooms and the conference rooms are all equipped in a luxurious, elegant style. The hotel offers 60 rooms with an accommodation capacity of 144 beds. We have single rooms, double rooms,junior suites,family suites as well as DELUXE Suites available. One of the rooms is completely equipped for the comfort and ease of immobile guests.